Inktober: moving right along!


Well it’s about to be day 9 of Inktober, and I feel I’m still going strong. I’ve ran out of my ‘”Sketchtember” sketches for the planned prompt list drawings, so now it’s getting a little bit hairy to fit it all in. But so far, I’ve still been able to make it happen. I like separating sketch days from the inking days, or at least on different items. I like just thinking about the one thing or the other.

I’m looking forward to some time to put these into a book format. Little weird stories about these odd people of Bricklefield. Maybe do some additional illustrations for other things about the town, like a town map, or some of the buildings perhaps? It looks like I’m going to make an art book – woohoo!

I can thank my patrons on my Patreon page whole-heartedly for this opportunity. (Check it out…pledges start at $1 a month ;))  I am trying to think about how I can produce more cool stuff throughout the year. Maybe not as big as a book, but other cool stuff. It’d be really awesome if I could come up with a regular product that people would want to throw a patronage in for. Still trying to figure that out…

On to work and then drawing and inking tomorrow’s prompt: flowing.


Inktober: The Half Way Point

We’re about half way through Inktober now. I’ve been having a good time. However, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep doing daily drawings. I have a lot of work to do. A lot. There’s the graphic design gig, but I have also racked up some commissions (which is awesome) and have a new illustration job(my first illustration client!) to work on. Plus I want to have some things for the LibraryCon I’m participating in, which is coming up in less than a month (eek!) on November 11th. Reality has sunk in: I am going to have to really pay attention to my use of time over the next few months, and that probably means forgoing daily time for Inktober. Boo.

Here is what I’ve created so far. I guess my last day was the 13th. I do hope I can do some more. I love making them fall/halloween themed. You can keep up with everything I’m working on by following me on Instagram: @StephanieSmithCreative


Blurb book arrived!


After Inktober, I wanted to gather all of the Verntrupple drawings into a collection. I looked into, downloaded their InDesign plug-in, and got started.

The InDesign plug-in is amazing. You choose the type of book you want to design, the paper, the number of pages to start with and then go to town. There are guides and bleed marks. All of the production questions are answered via just using the template.


After I got everything laid out how I wanted, I worked on the cover. Then when both files were finished, I uploaded them to blurb through InDesign. So crazy simple! I confirmed paper, the sizes, etc. Preflight was done and no errors were found. I was redirected to and chose my quantity, shipping, and paid for the books. I ordered 10 to get a little discount, figuring it would be nice to have a few to play with / give away, etc.


I’m very impressed with the quality of the printing. I chose a 6″ x 9″ trade book, keeping it cheaper this way. I chose the standard color printing, not the economy printing. The pages have visual bleed-through, but it isn’t bad and I expected this. The colors are vivid and crisp. I would give more inside margin room in the future, and I would also make the book more pages. Right now, it’s so thin…it just kind of feels flimsy, or like it should be a hard cover but isn’t.

I listed it on Etsy. Who knows – maybe someone would want to buy a cute little art book. I am giving a few away to family and friends. Oh, and yeah…trying to get that Etsy shop populated!

Sample Progress

In an ongoing search to find a good online printing source for books and prints, I’ve been ordering samples. Some places have nice paper kits that they send to you (for a price, or with an order) that shows calibration and how images look on different paper with different processes. Very helpful…I don’t think I could decide on anything without seeing it first.


The first place I ordered from was They seem to be a pretty great small company, with great customer satisfaction. Their samples were very useful. I had also ordered actual prints from them (which is how I got their sample kit).


However, I only ordered them on lustre photographic and matte photographic paper. They look amazing! Colors are exactly as they look on my monitor, both my Dell monitor and my iPad (which one was created on). But…it’s just weird to have the art on a photo paper.


I’m not sure. Certainly the lustre photographic paper is more textured and strange to use as an art print paper. But the color reproduction and crispness of the matte photographic paper is so nice! I originally didn’t order a giclée sample because I thought maybe the price may be too high, but now I have. I’m curious.

In addition to, I’ve ordered a starter kit from definitely seem to be all about fine art print options.This was a $20 purchase…but it shows sample images across all papers and types of printing, and provides a $20 gift card to use toward a future purchase. So I figured that it was worth it. That has shipped, and I should get it end of this week or beginning of next week.

Next up for print research will be seeing what’s in town. If I can save money on shipping, plus support a local printer, that would be awesome. I feel funny that I’m a graphic designer and I don’t know where to get archival or giclée prints made in town. But I guess that is more of a fine art type of thing. It’s just funny – I’ve worked with soooo many printers over the years, yet know nothing about this niche.


I’m still very interested in being able to create books. I am starting to lay out the Inktober 2016 book; I’d like to offer that as a cheap, fun thing people could buy (like, probably just my family, haha). However, this research isn’t going as well. I have made and ordered a chat book , which is a newer Instagram phenomenon that allows you to print right from your Instagram account, or upload files into a “chat book” – small softbound book. This seems very cool and inexpensive if it looks good and I can cater to the end product – i.e. know that my images will just be plopped into the center of the page and that if I want text it’s probably going to be pretty hoaky, etc. So Inktober 2015 should be coming in the mail any day.

I ordered a swatch kit from Blurb. This is pretty premium. I am not sure how I can get these books to a price where I could sell them at a price people would actually pay. However, I have no doubt that they are super quality and would look awesome. I will probably get a sample of something when I have created a book design.


And finally, I stumbled upon, which allows you to create books online to share just online, or they also can print them. They have a creator right on the website, which allows you to upload pictures, type in text, upload text, etc. It’s pretty custom and seems pretty awesome, but I’m still not sure how much design control there will be. I just started playing with it. You can create a book, keep editing it, share it on social media, publish it, get it printed…it seems to be geared toward self-publishing for sure. Once I have a design, I will see if I can redo it via them, and see how it all works. The prices seem reasonable.

Again, next step here (besides more research) is to figure out what is also in town.

And now, I leave you with my final few Inktober drawings, which I spent a little more time on and liked. You can click on the image and see each one individually. Inktober was a great time this year, but I’m also relieved for it to be over so that I can start focusing on new projects, creating more and getting better.

My Plans Have Plans

I’ve been sneaking in more planning for the illustration business when I can. I have a pretty great start with many notes covering some ideas, what I want to develop/improve upon, social media flow, and product ideas. I based the social media stuff mostly on what other successful illustrators seem to be doing, but also on some of my graphic design opportunities I have had – specifically working with social media specialists. I am by no means an expert…but I figured I can start somewhere, do some tests, observe, and go from there.


This morning I spent some time trying to map out what this blog will do. It seems it will be my foundation. One could argue the website is the foundation, as it houses my portfolio. But I’m thinking more in terms of activity foundation right now. Everything kind of starts with the blog: announcements, sharing process work, sharing ideas, new work, sharing inspiration, etc. Then the other things connect and support and sometimes reaffirm.


I haven’t worked on today’s Inktober drawing yet, but here is yesterday’s “box”. This makes me want to draw some mimes now!


Operation “Make Something Out of Illustration” is Underway

Inktober is coming to and end…but it’s been a great ride this year. From the start, I decided to take on the initiative a little bit differently. Using a monster character I had loosely developed, Verntrupple, and the Inktober prompts from Jake Parker, I’ve been drawing and documenting Vern’s short (one month) vacation here on our planet as he passes through our universe.

Thanks to this Inktober and everything that comes with it, another journey has been underway: that of my illustration. I’ve decided to try to tackle this as a business / side business / happy hobby / endeavor to see where it can lead. I am so happy when I’m illustrating. I haven’t made enough time to spend on it enough. But I’m going to start making some changes that hopefully allow me to focus more on my style development and creating more things.

I’ve updated my website:  It is definitely still a work in progress, but I’m beginning to see the shape of it. I also now  have a notebook started with a business plan, product ideas and social media maps that I’m trying to sort through and organize into a cohesive illustration business launch. I’m super excited! It’s a lot of work, but I’m certain the creative rewards are going to be worth it.

Here are a few shots of Vern from the first few days:

And now…back to work!