Pawgust Half Way Point

We’re about half way through August, which means about half way through the drawing challenge I made for myself. It has been kind of tough, but a good learning experience in general.


My goals for Pawgust are to:

  1. Draw every day
  2. End up with some pieces to sell on Etsy
  3. Further the drawing habit
  4. Grow Instagram and Twitter audiences…or try to broaden my social media audience in general

So far I have been drawing every day, which is good.

I haven’t ended up with anything I feel could be developed into something to sell on Etsy yet, but the month isn’t over. I have some ideas for things that I think could be fun children’s room art.

I have learned about what I want out of a drawing habit, and what I think is doable. The fact is working full time as a graphic designer doesn’t leave me much time to develop anything within a day into a good piece. It’s sketch-able time. Quick-draw time. But I think I was hoping I could devote some serious drawing time to this month, and I’m realizing that isn’t the case. So while I’ve been drawing each day, it’s felt in vain, done just to get the day’s drawing done. The pressure to finish something – and have it be something good – leads me to do quick stuff that isn’t really what I want to be producing. So, I’ve learned that a drawing challenge based on a daily time frame makes me create quick, undeveloped pieces. It seems like a daily drawing challenge for me really should only be to develop ideas: sketches that can be developed further at a later time. Alas, I’m half way through, and I will keep going. But now I know what I will expect out of myself for Inktober this year. I also feel like I understand how much I need to slow down and really work on something. Maybe I could take a week to work on something, making a little progress every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes of progress. That is just going to have to be how I work, given my schedule.

Growing the social media audience has been interesting. Since I’ve been doing most of the drawings in Procreate, I’ve tagged them when I think it’s something worth sharing that highlights that wonderful program well. Time-lapse videos seem to really be a favorite of people. So I’ve had some interactions on Instagram and Twitter that have been fun. But I’m not sure I’m speaking to any kind of audience that would be interested in checking out my Etsy site.

So, that’s the progress so far. We’ll see what the back half of August holds! I’m happy that I’m drawing more. That is probably the most important thing.


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