My Plans Have Plans

I’ve been sneaking in more planning for the illustration business when I can. I have a pretty great start with many notes covering some ideas, what I want to develop/improve upon, social media flow, and product ideas. I based the social media stuff mostly on what other successful illustrators seem to be doing, but also on some of my graphic design opportunities I have had – specifically working with social media specialists. I am by no means an expert…but I figured I can start somewhere, do some tests, observe, and go from there.


This morning I spent some time trying to map out what this blog will do. It seems it will be my foundation. One could argue the website is the foundation, as it houses my portfolio. But I’m thinking more in terms of activity foundation right now. Everything kind of starts with the blog: announcements, sharing process work, sharing ideas, new work, sharing inspiration, etc. Then the other things connect and support and sometimes reaffirm.


I haven’t worked on today’s Inktober drawing yet, but here is yesterday’s “box”. This makes me want to draw some mimes now!



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