Operation “Make Something Out of Illustration” is Underway

Inktober is coming to and end…but it’s been a great ride this year. From the start, I decided to take on the initiative a little bit differently. Using a monster character I had loosely developed, Verntrupple, and the Inktober prompts from Jake Parker, I’ve been drawing and documenting Vern’s short (one month) vacation here on our planet as he passes through our universe.

Thanks to this Inktober and everything that comes with it, another journey has been underway: that of my illustration. I’ve decided to try to tackle this as a business / side business / happy hobby / endeavor to see where it can lead. I am so happy when I’m illustrating. I haven’t made enough time to spend on it enough. But I’m going to start making some changes that hopefully allow me to focus more on my style development and creating more things.

I’ve updated my website: stephaniesmithcreative.com  It is definitely still a work in progress, but I’m beginning to see the shape of it. I also now  have a notebook started with a business plan, product ideas and social media maps that I’m trying to sort through and organize into a cohesive illustration business launch. I’m super excited! It’s a lot of work, but I’m certain the creative rewards are going to be worth it.

Here are a few shots of Vern from the first few days:

And now…back to work!


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